We have a varied programme of exhibitions, events and activities for all the family.

Temporary Exhibitions

Artistic Rustington

From August 2022 until January 2023

This exhibition is celebration of the Museum’s Art Collection and contains many pieces by artists from Rustington and also views from the Village. It won’t be just paintings that are shown. Books, postcards and other objects relating to the artists will be on display.  

The artists featured include Albert and William Belleroche who lived at the Old Manor House to Arthur Rackham who stayed at the home of Graham Sutherland. There will also be a changing display of works by lesser known artists, showing views of the Village. This lovely painting of the church c1903 will be on display alongside other views.

The most exciting items though will be paintings on loan from other Museums, all with a Rustington connection… 



Community Case – Southdown Buses

From August 2022

We have a fantastic display of model buses in the Southdown’s livery. From the original green to the modern orange, white and blue, the buses are a nostalgic trip. Can you find the routes you remember?


Linking with the art exhibition, there are also folders of artwork by Paul Darton, who lent us the buses. They are lovely sketches of the buses going through the village and other views.

Talks held at Rustington Museum 

Local Suffragists and Suffragettes

Wednesday, 16 November 2022

2 – 4pm

Littlehampton and Rustington were home to several women who fought for womens’s suffrage. Angela Tester tells more about their lives and the parts they played.

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Image: Women’s suffrage march in Littlehampton led by Lady Maud Parry

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Wildlife Extinctions: Then, Now, and what we can do about it.

Wednesday, 14 December 2022,
2 – 4pm

Speaker: Brian Day

A change to the previously advertised talk. Find out why wildlife goes extinct and how we can help preserve it for future generations.

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Image: a dodo skeleton and replica bird

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Blue and Commemorative Plaques in Bognor Regis

Wednesday, 18 January 2023,
2 – 4pm

Speaker: Sylvia Endacott

A heritage tour through Bognor Regis and its plaques, recoding the famous names and places in the town.


Image: Blue Plaque for “Billy” Butlin

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Family Activities – now available on-line

Jigsaw Puzzle

Rustington Church in the snow

What’s the fastest time you can complete the puzzle in?

Click the link below to have a go!


Word Search

Street and road names

Can you find the street and road names in the word search?

Careful – they can be found in any direction and will be a different layout each time you play.

Follow this link:



Colouring in

The Street

Add some colour to this view of Church Farm Cottages in The Street. You can print off a copy to enjoy at home!